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RF2BITS is a company serving the analog, mixed-signal and radio frequency communications components sectors, and was founded by Steven Norsworthy in 2006. RF2BITS provides technology consulting, sales/marketing representation, and intellectual property review. Customers include top tier companies as well as smaller startups in these sectors looking to grow their business and seeking partnerships and sales channels.


Professional Summary


·      Co-author of first and most-cited textbook on Delta-Sigma Data Converters (IEEE / Wiley Press); over 2400 citations.

·      Initiated the first single-chip Bluetooth; built the team to implement it.

·      Inventor on 27 issued US patents; (over 550 citations); more patents pending.

·      Patented first all-digital-RF transmitter (sold to STMicroelectronics).

·      Co-architect of first single-chip digital speech codec (Bell Labs / Nokia).

·      Former GM of a $200M RF semiconductor division of Motorola.

·      Expert patent analyst in subject matter specialties.

·      Sales representative; strategic partnerships, mergers, acquisitions

·      Successful in promoting to DARPA resulting in funding.

·      Current focus on direct RF sampling: market and technologies.

·      Holds a Top Secret US Gov’t. Clearance.


Steven Norsworthy is a senior executive with proven diverse experience in both R&D and executive management. He is known worldwide through authorship, inventions, and lectures. Previously held key positions at AT&T, Motorola, and STMicroelectronics, and currently a consultant to Fortune 500 technology companies. His subject-matter expertise is in RF, mixed signal, data conversion, digital signal processing, telecommunications, and multimedia. He is an expert patent analyst in these areas. His business experience is in semiconductor and telecom. As an entrepreneur, he successfully founded a new company, created new IP, and sold it. As a leader, he envisions disruptive innovative solutions and then sells that vision to team members and customers through strong communications skills, bringing solutions to the marketplace. He has led teams in multiple worldwide locations. Most recently, he evaluates products and roadmaps based on IP and competitive analysis, then represents companies with strategic sales, parterships, mergers, and acquisitions. His current focus is on the emerging RF direct sampling market, and its technology requirements. He holds a Top Secret US Gov’t clearance and is qualified to consult with the defense industry.


Steven is also an accomplished professional musician (trombonist and conductor), holds advanced degrees in both engineering and music, and has taught at the university level in both fields.




·      Mergers / Acquisitions / Due Diligence

·      Strategic Sales and Parterships

·      Evaluating Intellectual Property / Patents

·      Semiconductor and Communications Technologies

·      World Authority in Data Conversion and Signal Processing

·      Holds Top Secret US Gov’t Clearance


Customers Include:


IQ-Analog, US Gov’t DOD, Raytheon, Nokia, Qualcomm, Broadcom, STMicroelectronics, Lucent/Agere/LSI, Linear Technologies, Entropic, Perkins-Coie Law Group, Akin-Gump Law Group, Hecker Law Group, and various small technology companies and startups.